The “stability predictability” challenge : why the Fed’s action might help jobs

The stunning decline of the stock market on Monday after the S&P downgrade left one wondering as did the waiting with bated breath of the stock market to the Fed announcement. Coming out and saying that interest rates will not change till 2013 does a lot to help both the market and organizations feel  less  uncertain about hiring. And it has all to do with stability and predictability in the environment that organizations (including Governments ) can help with.

There is something about organizations that cause them to add drama and uncertainty where none is needed- just so that some individuals  feel safer by keeping options open. And in doing so, the organization's mission gets out of focus because now it is dealing with the associated fallout of a self inflicted "uncertain" posture on personnel motivation. In fact, you'll see that better organizations try to minimize peripheral turbulence (do not randomly change some process or rule capriciously) so that the organization stays focused on mission and more importantly folks are motivated. Remember the inability of spirit is the problem in the US recovery- nothing else.

The Fed action is a welcome relief, take a cue  in your organizations think before acting on two questions:

  1. Will this action motivate my people? Or pull them down?
  2. That mission ( getting jobs for the US Govt. for e.g.) achievement follows from motivated folks which includes all stakeholders.
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