Internet search is serious stuff:why Google Flight Search will be a great travel distributor

When you are searching on the Internet,for anything, you are in a serious mood. In advertising and psychology theory this is called the central route to persuasion part of the Elaboration Likelihood Model. You are thinking much more about whatever you are searching compared to watching an Ad on TV, which does'nt get you to think too much and persuades through the emotional route. You are sort of "suckered in" to buying something as you are not thinking – hence the term "idiot box"  for the television set.

According to PEW Research searching on the Internet  in the US  has risen from 52% in 2002 to 72% in 2011. Email has risen from 55% to 70% while social media starting out at 11% in 2004 has jumped to 65% in 2011. Meanwhile the US Internet user population has grown massively.

When you search on the Internet – you are more serious than when you are on social media. And flight search is serious business. Currentyl because of industry relationships and embedded knowledge Kayak is better off right now , but guess what- Google does not compete with Kayak and might be able to send you to the Kayak website if they have a better deal.

Google understands search and what its search audience is looking for.This is a huge advantage from the travel industry's point of view- someone is looking for what travel related stuff people are searching for. See on left another video from Google about the rationale for ITA acquision. Consumers, I guess are getting used to this "giving up" of privacy given the huge benefits.

By really knowing their searching audience requirement Google Flight Search will be able to do a great job of linking the travel industry , including niche small travel agents who specialize in something. As this new "distribution" becomes more effective, obviously there will be ad revenue for Google from websites like Kayak,Expedia or Travelocity and even smaller travel websites. A great innovation in digital distribution of travel services if you look from the travel industry perspective.

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