Post-911: Innovation,B2B Marketing and Supply Chain have gone global

The ten years since 911 has made America much more globalized than ever before. Today you are likely to see some international news in every TV news program as a  discernible increase in the global nature of food in food courts across America!  Here is how innovation,B2B marketing and the supply chain have gone global:

  1. Innovation : Innovation has definitely gone global. Today major companies like GE are inventing low cost medical devices in the developing countries simply because the high cost western solutions are not affordable in poorer countries. And the amazing thing is that these innovations are being brought back to the western markets because in sectors like health-care costs are spiralling out of control.
  2. B2B Marketing: Pre-911 , the US economy was much stronger and no one really cared about the market opportunities in growth markets.Today there is a marked change so much so that  in the last Thursday Obama jobs speech specific Korean brands of cars was mentioned (Kia,Hyundai) alongwith the need for South Korea to allow GM , Chrysler and Ford to sell more of their their cars in South  Korea.
  3. Supply Chain: The Supply chain had started globalizing  since the Internet in the late 1990's. Despite security,visa annoyances of International travel there has been a huge globalization of products and services worldwide. Any segment of the new product development process can be  globally outsourced – particularly the middle parts of  concept testing ( like clinical trials) or product development (like engineering drawings and prototypes).

Thus, globalization of the USA seems to sum up the ten years since 911 – even though the survivors of 911 and the world will never be able to forget the senseless and sad events of 911.

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