“Unexpected” is why the Justin Beiber Macy’s commercial is so successful

If you have seen Justin Beiber concerts on TV (NBC at least twice recently as one can remember) you wonder why the teenage fans seem to get so hysterical with the girls screaming loudly. In fact the "I can't understand this" look is obvious on the anchor's faces as they are with Beiber on the NBC Plaza and the crowd seems to swoon. And it is this incredulity among the older audience that the Justin Beiber commercial captures beautifully. Older guys screaming like the typical teenager Beiber fan upon seeing Justin is completely unexpected and ridiculous. The ad was aired at the 85th Macy's Annual Thanksgiving Parade today.

With about 1.6 million views on YouTube and counting the commercial should eventually count among the most successful commercials of all time. The Ad successfully reaches the older audience and does a great job of multi-generational marketing right at the start of the holiday shopping season. And Macy's brand comes through pretty well despite the celebrity. Congratulations are in order for the marketing folks at Macy's and their Ad Agency for both the creative idea and the brilliant execution.

This blog wishes a Very Happy Thanksgiving to readers!