As US mobile wireless data zooms: wireless carriers run out of spectrum

Old Cingular Coverage MapEver wondered why every US wireless carrier has a spotty coverage map?  Just look at this old AT&T (then Cingular)coverage map.

It turns out, wireless carriers own "spectrum" they are allocated from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and these are like "pipes" they own to provide wireless services to their voice and data customers. Naturally, as more and more Americans adopt wireless ( including mobile and tablet devices like iPad) these "pipes" are getting choked. One reason that wireless companies are putting caps on the use of data. Some carriers like AT&T have been working on this spectrum problem and AT&T has increased it's customer satisfaction ratings as a result.

Since everything wireless including Satellite TV needs spectrum and only wireless carriers are facing the boom in wireless data demand, there is a frenzy of activity between wireless carriers trying to get whatever extra capacity from spectrum owners. Meanwhile consumers would have to pay more and get less with wireless as this CNN story suggests.

So what is with this huge demand for wireless data? As the Internet gets better people are taking more to searching online, evaluating goods and services online. Folks do this on their own through search engines like Google and also through  social media like Facebook. More reason for organizations to give high priority to their digital marketing.Contact Strat oServe.

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