Campbell’s Soup focuses on millennials with Moroccan Style Chicken Soup

Sounds like Chicken Soup for the soul– but this time the 140 year old Campbell's Soup is trying to reach millennials for whom mere Chicken Soup is not enough. Leading the transformation at Campbell Soup is CEO, Denise Morrisson who had spoken at the Yale Conference last year. Millennials  (Gen Y)  are far more open minded than the Gen X and the Baby Boomers and celebrate diversity – not merely tolerate it.  Hence Morroccan soup is perfectly fine. And Campbell's Soup does expect to sell a lot of soup to the millenials.

Consider that, just ten years ago, an upmarket New England neighborhood of graduate school educated  baby boomers had only heard vaguely of Morrocco and most folks had not even tried Indian food,let alone the exotic Morroccan Chicken Soup that does seem to have some Indian spices. That today Campbell's soup is actually coming out with the Morroccan soup reflects the growing up of the millenials who will  try exotic foods and are likely to remain loyal consumers.Here is why:

  • The Campbell's brand  was familiar terrain for the millennial parents or baby boomers who grew up liking  tomato soup or the New England clam chowder.With lesser taste buds Baby Boomers like stronger flavors. But being relatively less open to exotic flavors perhaps adoption will be driven by the children.
  • Millenials are however,far more connected to their parents than previous generations and are likely to follow their parents' brands than previous generations and their parents.
  • It is this great insight into the openness and diversity of the millenials outlook, that Campbell's Soup has been able to tap into in their line-up of new products. The millenials are far more likely to try but also adopt and advocate soup flavors considered exotic by the older generations.

There is also a huge merchandizing push for these millenial flavors and you can be sure that mothers with kids in college or working away from home will mention the new flavors as they see them merchandized and promoted at their local grocery store. Just to ensure that kids, although now grown up, are getting nutrition via the 140 year old Campbell's brand.Does feel like some real chicken soup for the soul – in the making. Contact StratoServe.

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