Multi-country globalization in 2013

In India over the holidays, I found
that globalization at the multi-country level to be rising and thriving-like
never before. This blog post as we ring in the New Year 2013. First two somber
incidents and public reactions:

  • The Delhi rape has outraged
    the Indian public with multiple protests and huge pressure on the Indian
    Government. Metro stations in Delhi were closed, and many folks cancelled
    New Year celebrations and opted for candlelight vigils
    instead. A highly shared post on Facebook reads “if the girl was sent
    to Singapore for better treatment then the rapists should be sent to Saudi
    Arabia for better justice."
  • Every time someone discovers our Connecticut
    connection, the Sandy Hook massacre comes up and one finds oneself
    explaining the second amendment to skeptics. Most folks do not seem to
    understand despite best attempts to explain the notion of a "free
    people" and its relation to gun ownership and the right to self-defense.

Taking up some of the less serious
but business related multi-country globalization issues:

  • Kids at a get together wanted buckets of Kentucky Fried
    Chicken that are delivered with free Pepsi. The local tandoori chicken
    would not find favor with the young and surprisingly the older folks also
    wanted to stay with KFC with only lukewarm interest in the vintage
    tandoori chicken.
  • At an electrical products store the sign reads “No
    guarantee for Chinese made goods." I ask the shopkeeper whether
    anything is made in India. He assures me that nothing except "zero
    watt" bulbs are made in India- which no one buys. Strangely the
    electrical manufacturers in India seem to be thriving. Deeper
    investigations reveal that while many electrical products are made in
    China, Indian manufacturers at the lower end make goods that are sold as
    Chinese made by the small retailer. Why would you do that-sell goods made
    in India, as made in China- within India? Well the best answer seems to be – completely
    avoid consumer warranty
    claims in the domestic market!
  • Everyone knows that big businesses source a lot from
    China. However, one does not realize that small businesses in countries
    like India find it really easy to source from China. B2B owner buyers,
    even in non-technical stuff seem to be really happy with prices, services
    and quality. Differing grades of quality at different prices are available
    and the big consideration is the price-quality point the consumer
    market can take. Will every country just distribute and market Chinese
    manufacture- one wonders….

As 2013
rolls in, we can expect much more multi-country globalization at cultural,
social and small business level. Happy New Year 2013! Contact StratoServe.

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