Blogging with Typepad has been like a gym membership for the mind

TypePad Birthday-StratoServeTypepad, the blogging service we use for the StratoServe blog is celebrating its tenth birthday and here is Happy 10th Birthday to Typepad!

Blogging for me, has been like a gym membership for the mind for the last 8 years. Here is how:

Gym membership vs. Treadmill at home: Talk about the cost of a gym membership and there will be some folks who will tell you that a good treadmill costs less than two or even one year of a gym membership. Hey, if you did not have a gym membership for ten years you could buy 5 (!) treadmills or the entire gym equipment for yourself. The trouble is that a majority of folks seem to use the home treadmill as a clothes hanger. More so if the treadmill is anywhere near the washer-dryer or iron board. On the other hand, if you get a gym membership, you do tend to exercise more- particularly if you see the gym charge popping up in your monthly credit card statement. And the best part is that once you are able to arrive at the gym, you get motivated to exercise simply seeing other folks exercising.

  • Free Blogging vs. Typepad: Free blogging platforms are available and I am frequently asked why we do not use a free platform. Somehow, we think of the "free blogging platforms" as being similar to the "treadmill at home" situation. The affordable Typepad fee, coupled with highly responsive customer service makes Typepad membership worthwhile as well. Just like getting to the gym – if you open the Typepad "Compose New Post" you tend to get started on whatever is your passion. There is no real rush because you can save the post as a draft and come back to it again.
  • Blogging as a Gym membership for the mind:  Just as consistent gym workouts helps the body,  consistent blogging about your passion just exercises your mind muscles and you literally see your mind getting better.Unlike only the weighing  scale in the gym, there are Typepad metrics and Google Analytics metrics that give you feedback.

The StratoServe passion is about innovation,digital marketing and supply chain and it is humbling to see our  posts appear in top organic search positions in Google, Yahoo or Bing searches when we look at the connected Google Analytics data.

As a blogger, when you see the search queries and your top ranked blog post, you feel responsible to your audience for explaining some more in a new post and  perhaps start a new category.You suddenly realize that your blog has put your website into a great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) position and search engine ranking.

Believe me,there is a lot of interest in your expertise in the world and you will be encouraged by the number of people who read your blog, the search terms they use and how many additional pages and minutes they spend reading and learning from your posts. So once again Happy Tenth Birthday Typepad, and keep up the good work. Contact StratoServe.