Can you really start advertising at 1$/day ?

Can you really advertise 1$Given the significant interest among
businesses about how much to spend on Google AdWords or other PPC here
is a quick answer: you can really decide to spend as little as $1 a day
and see how you go. Sounds like a "pennies a day" magazine
subscription pitch but the fact is that you can stop anytime. You really do not
sign up for the whole year month or even week. Here are some points to remember
about PPC advertising budgets:

  • Cap your budget at $1/day: Only PPC like Google AdWords allows you to cap the budget.
    OK you might not get a lot of clicks but you'll know exactly what is
    happening. Like which keywords resulted in which Ads being shown and
    clicked. What exactly did your web visitors do after they landed on your
    web page giving you clues about how to modify your landing page, navigation,
    SEO etc.
  • Focus geographically: You must focus
    geographically on the areas that you can serve. If you are a
    landscaper/lawn care company, you cannot serve areas beyond say 20-30
    miles. So what's the point in advertising where you cannot service customers?
  • Measure,Measure,Measure: As noted in earlier posts – the best thing about PPC
    is that you can measure results right up to what orders you get.

And what if you have a large overall
advertising budget? In that case you do not spend all your advertising money on
PPC but do put in the measurement processes in place for PPC as well as for the
off line advertising as best as you can.  A simple way to do this is to
ask when someone calls you – "How did you hear about us?" People will
normally tell you the last piece of advertising that encouraged them to call
you and it’s useful to know if it was your direct mail coupon which helped.

To summarize, we do not advocate that
you spend only on PPC but we do suggest that if you want either awareness,
enquiries or orders it's both useful and affordable to start advertising PPC
like Google AdWords.  Contact StratoServe .

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