Be stingy with keywords in Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Be Stingy With Keywords-StratoServeBeing stingy with keywords in Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising seems a natural thing to do but somehow the advertising platforms (like Google AdWords) make it easier to just add keyworks to your campaigns. But first about the structure and logic of a Google AdWords account:

  1. Campaigns are at the top: You start with campaigns… so if you have an online shoe store you might have one campaign for dress shoes and  a different one for casual shoes.
  2. Campaigns break down to Ad Groups: A dress shoes campaign might have an Ad Group for laced dress shoes and an Ad Group for  slip on dress shoes.
  3. Ads belong to Ad Groups: The Ads that you write belongs to Ad Groups.
  4. Keywords belong to AdGroups: At the lowest level, keywords belong to AdGroups. If the keyword is searched and clicked , an Ad from your AdGroup is served.  You pay for the keyword.

Thus, it makes sense to have only a few keywords for each each Ad Group that direct the traffic (via the clicked Ad) to your website. With all the ease of the keyword planner type of tools it is very tempting to keep adding keywords to your campaign but this makes your marketing diffuse and start lacking in focus.

A razor sharp focus on your target market and how they might search for your product is central here. Here are some tips from Google on how to build the best keyword list. It is far better to have many Ad Groups with short lists of keywords that are not duplicated at any other campaign or Ad Group.

As explained in an earlier post, do not spray and pray with keywords. Instead ,try to make sure that the keyword-Ad-your web landing page are making sense. For every time a visitor arrives on your website and leave immediately (bounces) your keywords cost more for Google and the search engines are about making their searchers happy. The logic is simple- if the searcher finds what s/he is looking for upon searching a keyword and landing on your website… hopefully they will convert into customers for for you. It is a win-win for all three parties i.e. the searcher, the advertising business and the search engine. Contact StratoServe.

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