How do Google Ads start appearing almost immediately upon launch?

A recent LinkedIn post What exactly is a web landing page and why it won’t help your SEO (… psst content will) leads to the question about how is it that Google is immediately able to launch your advertising be it search , display or video ads within YouTube. Here are some thoughts:

  1. Google Search results are like editorial content in respected newspapers: Google spiders keep searching the web for content and indexes them. Google inventors Larry Page and Sergey Brin were PhD students and they figured out that it is the way academic scholarly work is done. You cannot publish academic work unless you establish what is already known (the literature review) and what is not known as you start presenting your own research questions (hypotheses). The literature review by definition covers the base of what is known about a question. This simple and brilliant insight has driven Google search. Google spiders try to do this for all the content that they can find and indexes them ranking the content in multiple ways so that as soon as you type a query Google reaches into its own indexed library of the web and presents results that are just great and getting better every day. The ranking of results on Google is based on the quality of the pages primarily based on how many other pages refer to these pages and how concise and precise the answers are with respect to your search terms. As a result we love Google results.Ranking high on Google (SEO) is therefore hard work for content creators and must  be continually updated.
  2. Google AdWords platform is well – like  typing into Google: If you think about it, the Google AdWords platform is like typing into Google. The keywords you select for your Ads immediately become available to Google and can be matched to the editorial high quality organic search results outlined in point 1, above. Thus as soon as you launch your campaign Ads start appearing because all Google has to do is to marry the organic search results (editorial content) to relevant ads. For example if you are a cruise operator you would expect readers of a travel magazine or travel section of a newspaper to see your ad. You can imagine how much and how long  a newspaper or magazine system  has to work on a) creating content b) selling advertising b) advertiser content creation before the print ad actually becomes available.In contrast when you search Google for “Caribbean Cruises” you get a bunch of organic SEO results (SEO results) that can help you learn authoratative stuff   about Caribbean Cruises than an entire day in the library. Also anyone that is marketing Caribbean Cruises at that time can have their Ads displayed within minutes of writing the ads! About StratoServe Digital Marketing Services.
What exactly is a web landing page and why it won’t help your SEO (psst…. content will) – See more at:
What exactly is a web landing page and why it won’t help your SEO (psst…. content will) – See more at:
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