B2B opportunities after COVID

States like New York have started to reopen after reaching low COVID infection rates. Here are some thoughts about opportunities for B2B marketer:

The recycling crisis -what should you NOT be putting in your recycle bin

Monday was   Earth Day and it’s a good time to think about the recycling crisis facing the US. Last year China that took in most of the developed world’s recyclable trash decided to up it’s quality standards.  Do recyclables going into  the recycle bin have quality standards ?- the surprised reader might wonder. Yes they do as this article in Mercury News explains. It is timely for all to understand what you should NOT be putting in the recycle bin.

What is 5 G? How marketers can get ready for 2020

The two biggest attractions for marketers with 5G will be:1) Mobility: With mobile use already at 3 hers 35 minutes a day in the US expectations are that mobile will surpass TV in terms of time spent in 2019. And that’s before 5G really kicks in.
2)Fast=Decrease in latency: Latency or the delay between asking and getting replies due to network speeds will vastly improve. Google will get even faster replies but also even your messaging can get faster. The day is not far away when at a restaurant you see the dessert ads on your phone even before the waiter asks at the end of your meal!

Drones for commercial use up ten times in one year- pizza delivered by drone?

The drone industry is booming. And the number of companies authorized to use drones for commercial drones is up from 499 to over 5000 in just one year according to the NBC Today show. The number of personal drones registered has risen to over a million in the USA. Currently the Xponential 2016 Conference andContinue reading “Drones for commercial use up ten times in one year- pizza delivered by drone?”

Marketing vs. Sales- What’s the difference?

The Marketing vs. Sales difference is a crucial one for all businesses to understand. To simplify: Sales is trying to sell what you have. Sales followed from the production era where in the early part of the 20th century, entrepreneurs like Henry Ford famously produced only one color of car (black) and could bring downContinue reading “Marketing vs. Sales- What’s the difference?”

Think of your first home purchase- to better understand your customer journey

Marketers of complex high value products and services have a hard time in grasping the learning process of the buyer. Here are some quotes we have heard from businesses about their prospects and customers over the years

Why are people suspicious of innovation in organizations?

CEO’s know that their organizations must innovate to stay relevant and succeed. Other functional heads (CxO’s) also understand the innovation imperative. And this applies to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) ,Chief Supply Officer (CSO) or the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) etc. These organizational leaders cannot understand why getting a new thing started is so difficult. And why they do not see the benefits flowing in- simply because of employee reluctance in implementation and “buy-in.

Choose between market share or customer satisfaction- not both

If you have satisfied customers – you would feel that word of mouth including social media should help get more market share. “It’s all about happy customers” …..Well that is not true. Based on data for 200 companies between 1994- 2006 for 800,000 customers from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) there are some interestingContinue reading “Choose between market share or customer satisfaction- not both”

Dealing with the power and politics of B2B buying centers

We get frequent questions from innovative solution sellers about how to deal with the power and politics of B2B Buying Centers. This is after you have started talking with people at a prospective customer organization. And yet a deal doesn’t seem to be coming through.Here is our take and we hope this makes our dear readers feel better:

India 7% growth rate: Ola,Uber and car pooling apps

Over the winter break India was an exhilarating and at times an overwhelming experience. The top growth rate of the world at 7% and young people moving fast in an ancient culture added to the exciting nature of the experience. Here are some examples: The Private Taxi Business is over and Ola and Uber haveContinue reading “India 7% growth rate: Ola,Uber and car pooling apps”

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