Happy July 4th: Why think about life after the COVID Pandemic?

Tomorrow is July 4th, 2020 the American Independence day.  July 4th is the American Independence Day and a day of hope and freedom for people.Due to the recent spike in American coronavirus cases, traditional firework displays have been cancelled in regions where there is an upsurge of cases. However, there are some options to watch fireworks  and here is a nice list of virtual fire work displays. Here is our July 4th post from 2008, in the midst of the great recession.
It’s really important to start thinking about life after the global coronavirus (COVID) pandemic…. because like the great recession, we will overcome this.  Here is why we should all be hopeful this 4th of July:

Coronavirus: Why is the panic so acute?

It’s hard to remain calm when one was expecting the Dow index to cross 30k and it’s in the 26K range. – in a matter of days despite interest rate reduction.. If the Louvre museum is closed and Mona Lisa has a mask things are getting serious. Coronavirus is dangerous but the panic is even more dangerous.

Why Dollar Stores are doing pretty well in a digital world

Next time you pass a Dollar Store in the US (including Dollar Tree and Dollar General) observe the parking lot. In towns rich and not so rich you’ll find that the parking lot is full most of the time.If you have not gone into a Dollar Store recently – do so and then compare the merchandise to Walmart. For a dollar the quality is not bad.
Dollar Stores took off after the 2008 recession and there are more Dollar Stores than McDonald’s in the USA.  Between Dollar Tree and Dollar General there are 30,000 stores and these are very densely seen in the mid-west and the farmlands of middle America.  A recent article “Sign of hope or worry- when the dollar store comes to town”  describes the mixed bag that these stores are for local communities.

7 Questions for your Business Model

If you are a small business, you rarely think of your business as having a business model. But it does. It does because the moment you have a single paying customer, she is paying for the value you create. It is another matter, if your business makes a profit consistently over the long term. Sustainable profit is why it is important to understand the business model concept.Here is a definition based on the highly cited article by David Teece.

Who is your customer?… and what does she value most

You have a great product and you have some great customers – and you want to expand your market ( don’t we all want that ?). You try various things including print and digital ads, cold calling, trade shows, sales pitches etc. but seem to be stuck in a rut. Talking to many businesses particularlyContinue reading “Who is your customer?… and what does she value most”

Why sales force compensation is over three times advertising spending in the US

You may not realize that US sales force compensation spending is over three times advertising spending. In 2006 sales force compensation was $800 billion,  Meanwhile US advertising spend is estimated at only  $187 Billion, in 2015. Sales is the world’s second oldest profession and its compensation is an evergreen question in sales  for thousands ofContinue reading “Why sales force compensation is over three times advertising spending in the US”

What is your sustainable competitive advantage?

Here is an old Blockbuster video membership  card, what nostalgia! Renting video cassettes from Blockbuster video seems like so long ago .. How Internet affects business is one of our favorite topics but there is an underlying larger idea in strategy. That idea is sustainable competitive advantage by which a business maintains  enduring success. CompetitionContinue reading “What is your sustainable competitive advantage?”

If Scotland secedes from the UK what will happen to exporting scotch?

Nine out of ten bottles of scotch whiskey is exported out of Scotland at the rate of 36 bottles a second!. The industry supports 35,000 jobs in Scotland and has intricate distributor relationships across the world that provide employment to many thousands more, worldwide.Through vigorous lobbying over a century,  the industry has ensured that noContinue reading “If Scotland secedes from the UK what will happen to exporting scotch?”

How does a Marketing Doctrine look like?

This blog post examines how a Marketing Doctrine looks like based on the article by Challagalla,Murtha and Jaworski (2014) that was featured in a LinkedIn piece. The similarity between these two Marketing Doctrines is that they reflect the ethos of each company as "who we  really are". Understandably the Consumer Product Company with a productContinue reading “How does a Marketing Doctrine look like?”

RadioShack and now Staples: Five steps for retail businesses in the Internet Knowledge Economy

That Staples will close 224 stores by the end of the year is shocking just after the news that Radio Shack is closing 1000 stores. Shocking because a way of life in American strip malls and malls is changing- just as a Dollar Store replaced Circuit City a few years ago at our nearby Mall.Continue reading “RadioShack and now Staples: Five steps for retail businesses in the Internet Knowledge Economy”