Clinical Trial participants found easier on Facebook than Google AdWords

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Recruiting pharmaceutical clinical trial participants is a 2.3B$ industry.If you can recruit the appropriate candidate for a drug trial everything becomes more effective starting with low costs,accurate feedback and active patient co-operation.Where are possible participating patients most relaxed? Well one place is on Facebook according to Fortune.

Facebook is quite remarkable with younger people almost entirely communicating via Facebook and moving on from email. What's even more remarkable is the 65+ age group  who are joining Facebook by the droves. People share lots of personal information including photos and seem to be  in it with a far more open approach than other social networking platforms.

Facebook  shows (called "ad serving") ads on some broad criteria like age,gender and so on and prospective clinical trial candidates volunteer with more information. They seem to be four times more responsive than responding to Google AdWords probably because Google Ads are served against search terms in a virtual environment that is not the cafeteria style relaxed "among friends" atmosphere of Facebook. Such an atmosphere makes for a less threatening place to share personal medical type of details on a form.On Facebook people seem to be less concerned about privacy and more trusting than elsewhere on the web.

Clinical trials and the speed of new pharmaceutical product development are likely to become more effective and search advertising just got more exciting.

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