“Go West (now overseas)” or at least source iPhone parts globally for a thriving business !

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The stock market is back above 10,000, BP is looking at distinct possibilities of plugging the oil leak on this 81st day and the heat wave in the North East shows signs of abating.All in all a cheery outlook and like the stock market  the mood seems to be that the job front  news could have been much worse.

But there is a major shift in the employment picture  for the new generation according to the NY times. An interesting  opportunity suggestion from the grandfather generation is  going "west" -in today's context going overseas to markets that are growing. These markets include unusual ones like Peru and Uganda and goes beyond the usual BRIC countries like Brazil,Russia,India, China.

Opportunities are not merely in finding a job overseas but linking up a brilliant idea of iPhone repairs with sourcing parts from China with Dr Brendan operating his business right out of New York!Check out the CNN story here. The sourcing from China is described later in the video. Brendan was a bar-tender and currently has a thriving "house call" iPhone repair business. He's opening his store soon. If you or your friends have dealt with Apple and the difficult "official"  iPhone repairs you know why Brendan's business is a winner. Here is a solo entrepreneur who by just email has been able to organize a brilliant global supply chain and fill a real need in the market. Going by the crowds at the Apple stores for the iPhone4 – you can bet that Brendan's business is going to boom as folks bust their iPhones and need a quicker,cheaper fix. Brendan's website is here.

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