Eat,Pray and Love author’s book “Committed” and Buyer-Seller Relationships

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The movie Eat,Pray and Love opens tomorrow. The author Elizabeth Gilbert has another book out called "Committed- A skeptic makes peace with marriage". It might be recalled that the definition of marketing began to have buyer-seller relationships as its central construct in 2004. The thinking of the move to a relationships centered view has changed now (2007) to a value based definition.

But let me step back a bit to the relationships (2004) version of marketing and the seminal piece of work based on the theory of human marriage – a 1987 article by Dwyer, Schurr and Oh which drew upon sociology of marriage. Hey but that was the pre-globalized eighties!

With globalization, the Eat,Pray and Love author Elizabeth Gilbert spends  a year in Italy (Eat),Pray(India), Love (Bali,Indonesia) to recover from a divorce swearing never to get married again. Things change and her new book "Committed" is an engaging summary of the history of marriage. Although she puts out a disclaimer that she's not a marriage scholar but she does a great and insightful historical study of the institution of marriage. A surprising   insight, that was new to me ,was that in early America, slaves were not allowed to marry. Hence the institution of marriage and family was seriously affected  and the negative effects continue among African American communities to this day.

I particularly liked Gilbert's scoping of work in her new book to stay only with the Western marriage because her Eat,Pray and Love experience made her decidedly aware of very contrasting world views on life and its institutions like marriage.

Let's see how the Eat,Pray and Love movie goes. For those interested in the  marriage based philosophy of CRM and SRM the book "Committed" is definitely  worth a read.

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