Housing market woes reflect slow jobs and underlyng slow income as US home based call center outsourcing takes off

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With the stock market barely above 10,000 pundits are pointing to the 27.2% decline in existing home sales and the 12.4% decline in new homes. The root cause, in the US  is the slow job market and the underlying slow income. All this has resulted in a new phenomenon.

Home based call center outsourcing s taking off. Compared to India  total costs are not that much  more in the US as wages decline and as wages increase in countries like India.

When you consider the ramp up costs, monitoring and control costs and the risk and uncertainty it's not that bad of a deal, if you think about it from the new contract point of view. Culturally it is probably much easier to implement home based call centers in the US at low cost. Both infrastructure and the US worker productivity should give something to think about for global outsourcers who have viewed their only competitive strength as cost arbitrage.

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