How’s the Internet changing your business? USA Today sheds 9% workforce and Telecom shake-up with Google VOIP

The Internet is truly the global life changer.If you can answer just how the Internet is changing your business and act on it – you’ll do great. Consider two recent events:

  • USA Today has shed 9% of the workforce as it tries to go digital. A Communication Professor  once told me that Communication and Journalism is probably the second largest undergrad major in the US. And guess what –  as everybody publishes via social media what does a professional do?
  • Google VOIP via Gmail has had one million calls placed on the first day. VOIP call quality has improved drastically and Vonage offers 60 countries free. Any old world telecom wired provider like AT&T is in sure trouble. As soon as you can use VOIP via wireless and mobile – the game will change global calling.

Instead of fighting or ignoring the Internet – your businessesĀ  must thinkĀ  about using the Internet for all that is possible like customer service and CRM, supply chain and SRM apart from processes like billing payments etc. About StratoServe.

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