Re-thinking Medical Insurance Business as an Electricity Business- executing healthcare reform

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What's similar between the utility and electricity business and the healthcare insurance business after health reform?

  • Both are necessities for every American and medical insurance  will become available to everyone by 2014.
  • There seems to be some kind of price justification required by Health Insurance companies as the Electricity industry going by Kathleen Sebelius's letter to the association of Health Insurance plans and the furore it has unleashed.

But what are the differences between the utilty business ands health insurance business ? Here are two:

  • Being  older than health insurance and a global industry there are better global  benchmarks and processes for the electricity industry for generation,distribution,distribution losses, billing,remote billing,fraud and theft etc.
  • In contrast, for the US healthcare insurance industry, there is much variability between patients,doctors,processes, treatrment outcomes  and the calculation of risk in all of these myriad possibilities.

The Government needs to have a razor sharp focus on jobs at the current time as General Colin Powell mentioned today.

Perhaps some jobs can be created if funding is made available to clarify the good execution of healthcare reform ?

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