Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in India soon after Sarkozy of France as both economies surge after 2000 years

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Leading a team of 400 Chinese businesspeople the popular "people's premier" Wen Jiabao  is in India for 3 days starting today. This is soon after a visit by President Sarkozy and Carla Bruni of France.  But between the US Obama,French Sarkozy and Chinese Jiabao visits the Chinese visit is without much hoopla but serious business is expected to result.

With both the Chinese and Indian economies growing fast both countries need to work together. There is a lack of trust between the two countries that goes back only to the mid – twentieth century. Both countries realize that they are neighbors and can't really change that. So China is looking for access to the Indian financial services sector while India is looking for access to the Chinese pharmaceutical and software markets.

Indians love Chinese food and have their own Indo-Chinese version. There are large Chinese communities (Chinatowns) in different major cities in India who feel welcomed. Many manufactured goods in India come from China and the people-to-people link is good. It is expected that Wen Jiabao's India visit will further the goodwill between the two peoples apart from strengthening business links.

The Jiabao visit is also the first time in two thousand years (since the time of Buddha) that sees both India and China prospering and becoming leading economies in the world.


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