Wikileaks is the third cusp in the information age- nothing is confidential and execution is the critical skill!

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With Wikileaks we are at the third cusp of the information age (with Google and search being the first and large social networks like Facebook the second).

Imagine that you could look at every document you wanted on the Internet via some sort of Wikileaks. These include your customers’ internal data, suppliers’ data and competitor data. Not impossible in today’s post-Wikileak world, nothing is confidential. Just like every game changing innovation like from horse carriage to auto, from mail to telegraph to email and so on Wikileaks changes a fundamental presumption of “information asymmetry” in strategy. Let’s say everyone in a value chain had access to all information. What would remain as a competitive skill?

It would be the ability to deliver or execute. The organizational ability to deliver or execute sounds boring but is the only critical skill in a post Wikileaks world.