Coca Cola “social sharing” can is a brilliant idea

Coca Cola results today pulled down the stock market as overall global sales volumes dipped. Just to cheer up all those Coca Cola loyalists out there, check out the Coca Cola social sharing can video which is truly a brilliant idea.

The "sharing can" idea has come from Coca Cola ad agency Ogilvy and Mather Asia Pacific in Singapore, where the word "can" is a part of popular Singaporean speech, signifying a blend of saying yes, agreement,support and general optimism. Here is why the "sharing can" is a brilliant idea:

  • Social in the real world: The move from physical products to the digital social world is like a one way stampede for most brands. This is probably one of those rare instances that takes a very physical Coke can and converts it into a social sharing item in the real world.
  • No changes in Supply Chain and distribution : Given that the sharing can is nothing but a 330 ml  can split to probably 165 ml cans of the same size the logistical brilliance is amazing. The canning lines should work with minor modifications and the vending machines do not require changes. Also the shrink wrapping lines for can trays for small retail distribution does not require engineering modifications.A quick global roll-out should be possible.
  • Serving size goes down: Bringing down the serving size to half a can has huge benefits in different global markets. In Asia, affordability is a big reason that pack sizes have been smaller and in the developed markets like the US,there is huge concern with soda and obesity and smaller serving sizes help.
  • Consumption outside the home: In  emerging markets Coca Cola is an outside the home consumption item and Asian  cultures are very conscious about reciprocating. So if your friend "shares" a Coke can you sort of feel obligated to reciprocate the next time. Much more than if you got a paper cup from the retailer to split a 330 ml can.Overall unit sales goes up!

Recycling the additional  cans is a concern in the comments on the viral video that has already got 1.58 million views. But if you think about it the extra aluminium may be just the lids of the second can which probably can be made thinner since the volume is halved. All in all a brilliant idea from Coca Cola. Contact StratoServe.

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