How Your Natural Google Analytics data can turbo-charge your paid AdWords campaigns

Analytics  SEO Turbo-Charge AdWords-StratoServeMarketers everywhere are becoming more aware of the value of the free data available in Google Analytics for their websites. It's like having a camera on your retail clothing store with the ability to see what products prospective customers tried out ( and did not buy- why?) and which products have the highest number of  pick and feel (could a better picture or video help?). But the subject of this post is how your free and natural Analytics data can turbo-charge your AdWords campaign.

When you login to your Google Analytics account on the left bar go to Acquisition —> SEO—> Queries. The queries are what people are typing on the Google Search Bar that causes them to land on your website.  This is your "natural" traffic …. because you have a website and have worked hard to create useful content. Read Google's SEO Reports for more information on this.

But how can this help your paid Google AdWords advertising campaign ? Here are three ways:

  1. Leverage top SEO landing pages and queries: Go with the flow with your advertising dollars for products that are already attracting traffic,naturally. Create campaigns around some of these pages and keywords. You should have a high quality score for these keywords and a lower cost for advertising.
  2. Allocate your spend strategically: Let's suppose that you want to promote a product page that has poor SEO rankings. Put the majority of your budget on these pages (remember you are paying less for the good SEO pages in 1) and move to the third step.
  3. Strengthen content on market priority pages: You allocate advertising budget to your market priority pages. Just as you strengthen content on those pages. You'll see that your advertising costs per click are going down, conversions are improving as the combination of paid and better content SEO traffic starts working.

To summarize, your SEO reports in Google Analytics are free and give you a quick sense of what is naturally happening with your organic traffic that helps you leverage your spend on Google AdWords. Contact StratoServe.

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