Japan Earthquake: heartbreaking images -seismologists, structural engineers and nuclear power industry worldwide to learn

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The Japanese earthquake images are heartbreaking and there is an outpouring of immediate support from he UN,US and worldwide, so loved and respected are the Japanese. Japanese management is really most impressive because they are able to implement best practices like no other culture. The most inspiring for this blog   is TQM which was actually invented by the American,Edwards Deming  but really implemented with outstanding success in Japan.

In the professional front here are some comments you might have heard:

  • Geologists-Seismologists recognize that given the best technological sensors that Japanese Geologists-Seismologists have in place, the world will learn a lot more.
  • Structural engineers in the US and around the ring of fire note that tall buildings swayed a lot in the earthquake but stayed up. Remarkable structural engineering.
  • The nuclear power plant meltdown problems are the most horrific. A US nuclear expert noted that even the emergency response is the best known to the world. For example, the emergency responders know that a shower and iodine tablets within six hours can help and are doing their best.

For Japanese businesses  and their global partners this is truly force-majeure conditions but knowing the stoic determination of the Japanese people and the enormous goodwill they have in the world, I am sure  they will recover,stronger than ever.

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