What if you don’t have $4 million for a Super Bowl Ad?

Superbowl Ad $4 Million-StratoServeWith all the bone chilling cold from the Polar Vortex in the US , most folks are not thinking about the Superbowl party coming up in less than a month on Superbowl Sunday i.e. February 2,2014. Except off course the big ad budget companies who will pay the $4 Million for a 30 second spot.

You can be also sure that that Advertising agencies are putting final touches to the TV spots and sleepless nights have started for the marketing folks at the advertising companies, see the AdAge Superbowl Ad Chart here. After all, marketers don't know if someone really saw the ad or they had just gone off to get some more chicken wings and beer during the commercial  break. Most frustrating for marketers is when people remember the Ad, but can't recall the product and brand. Unless off course, an Ad ( maybe one or two ads of the entire ad line-up!) becomes viral on YouTube  and there are millions of views, media buzz etc.

So what if you don't have $4 million for a Superbowl Ad? Here are some tips:

  • Get a website: if you don't have one. Over 60% of US small businesses don't have a website and those that do hope to increase business by 40% in three years. That's because 97% people check online even when they buy offline. Check out some resources and the video on the Get your business online website.
  • If you have a website: It's time to implement the 2014 resolutions list in the previous  post. Have a meeting with your marketing team and think up a Superbowl promotion for your business. You don't have to be selling directly related products like chicken wings and beer associated with this almost  festival in America…. what you need is a Superbowl theme for your business and it's offering.
  • If you really want to Advertise for this Superbowl: Try Internet search and display advertising. For Internet search pay per click (PPC)advertising,like Google AdWords, you pay only when someone clicks on your ad and arrives on your website. Compare with the Superbowl advertiser who does not know if someone saw their ad, and we are not even talking about remembering the advertised product  at the store. A warming thought for digital marketers in the cold weather that is on its way out…

We do encourage our readers to watch the Superbowl and the Ads because a lot of marketing effort goes into each one of them apart from the $4 Million to broadcast. And anyway the TV ads increase the great fun of the Superbowl.Contact StratoServe.