Our organization has a website: what next?

Have Website-What Next-StratoServeWe heard from several folks that our organization already has a website: but we are not sure what to do next. So here are  5 easy  steps to take:

1. Your stakeholders are on a journey-help them: Whether you are a business or a non-profit you have stakeholders. And these stakeholders are on a journey to engage with you.  For businesses your  stakeholders include (a) customers and prospective customers(b) suppliers  and prospective suppliers (c) employees and prospective employees(d) shareholders and prospective shareholders and alumni in each category. If you are a non profit you need to think of donors,volunteeers and beneficiaries. Your website should help them through useful  web content.

2.The web content secret- clear,concise and fun: Web content secret is not really a secret but seems rather unclear to most organizations. The secret is really to explain what you do,how you do it and what each stakeholder can expect, in engaging with your organization. Being simple and clear is the goal here. Follow  Mark Twain "I never write Metropolis for seven cents because I can get the same price for city. I never write policeman because I can get the same money for cop." Use hyperlinks to keep the text brief like refering to the Mark Twain quote, instead of writing it out entirely.

3.Synchronize web content directly from your organizations actions and plans: There is a crisis when it comes to updating website content. Synchronize or tie content updates to the daily stuff your organization is trying to achieve. Have an initiative? Have a great achievement or success? Stopping an activity for good reason? Putting out an annual report- don't just PDF it – spell it out. Your stakeholders would love to know.Once again do not delete old content unless it is completely dated, for example if you sold a    company division two years ago. Remember the holy grail of digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it depends entirely on your web content.

4.Spend on advertising but only in addition to above.  Spending on  Google AdWords or other digital advertising and social media will magnify in impact if you have the above pieces in place i.e. your website is trying to help its stakeholders, content is clear, simple,helpful and updated.

5.Measure, Measure, Analyse and Reflect: The impact of your website and digital marketing efforts are easy to track. Even though Google Analytics is free, most websites either don't have it installed or they don't analyze data on a routine basis. Your content drives traffic that is free and is the organic traffic. A simple analysis of visitor behavior gives you clues as to what to do next. For example, people spend a lot of time  browsing some products, can you support those products with some digital advertising?

These five steps are easy steps that need to be done on a routine. Reviewing your web site marketing for just two hours a month will have much greater impact than making that one more sales call and,  you already know that each sales call takes more than two hours. Contact StratoServe.

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