"Innovation Generation in Buyer Seller Relationships" is my Ph.D. dissertation topic. Somehow, there is little talk in the media about the importance of B-to-B relationships which really have given rise to the popularity of B-toC relationships and CRM systems in the B-to-C domain. It was thus good to read about provider-outsourcer relationships from UK. Apparently, Continue reading “Relationships”

4th of July and satisfied customers

What a great day- great weather , hotdogs with mustard sauce and fireworks in the evening. We had called Calcutta (now Kolkata) and guess what – folks totally unconnected with outsourcing  knew all about the 4th of July holiday. Young folks working at Call Centers for  US companies were having a day off. Just toContinue reading “4th of July and satisfied customers”


In his recent story in the North West Indiana Times, Keith Benman mentions the phenomena of "backsourcing” (earliest scholarly citation I could find Hirschheim, R. and M. Lacity. "Backsourcing: An Emerging Trend," Journal of Strategic Outsourcing Information, 45, 1998, pp. 78-89, Jeff Kaplan has a nice article too) where outsourcers become dissatisfied with outsourcing resultsContinue reading ““Backsourcing””

The excitement and scare of “alerts”

I intended to update my blog every few days and oops I find that I have not been posting stuff. My excuse, I got "scared" with the ongoing developments in the knowledge based outsourcing domain. How did I find out ? By subscribing to "Google" alerts and "Proquest" refereed publications alert. In my scholarly world,Continue reading “The excitement and scare of “alerts””

Alan Greenspan and “The World is Flat”

I had just happened to switch on the CSPAN televised testimony of Federal Reserve Bank Chairman , Alan Greenspan (June,9 , 2005 Joint Economic Committee of the US Congress). It was delightful to see how each Committee Member enjoyed the opportunity of talking to the venerable Greenspan! Somehow the MSM (Main Stream Media) has notContinue reading “Alan Greenspan and “The World is Flat””

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