Innovation from Copenhagen

I was in Copenhagen last year for the very enjoyable IMP conference co-organized by the Copenhagen Business School  so the GN ReSound Company story touched a special chord. Copenhagen Business School has helped GN ReSound, maker of hearing aid devices, re-organize its global innovation and new product development activities. According to the story the productionContinue reading “Innovation from Copenhagen”

Connecticut Education Gears up for the Global Knowledge Economy

Flipping channels this Sunday morning I happened to switch on the CT-N channel that examines  matters of interest and priority to the State and its residents. I noticed that I had bumped into a goldmine of panelists at the panel discussion (recorded on 9/27/05 at Central Connecticut State University) on  “ What can Education doContinue reading “Connecticut Education Gears up for the Global Knowledge Economy”

Japanese “Manga” made in Philippines

The huge Japanese "Manga" or cartoons and comics industry is just too busy. reports from Manila that Japan’s Toei Animation Co. Ltd., the Dragonball Z creator is going to ask their wholly owned subsidiary Toei Philippines to do the animation work. Toei Animation Company has expanded its distribution to LA and France and needsContinue reading “Japanese “Manga” made in Philippines”

Dubai holds World Outsourcing Forum

Some real notables of the world of outsourcing got together at Dubai recently for The World Outsourcing Forum.  What is very creditable is that there were prominent representatives not only from India and China but also from Romania, Russia and Sri Lanka. It was nice to see academic and scholarly representation by way of Dr.Continue reading “Dubai holds World Outsourcing Forum”

Now “Idiot’s guide to outsourcing”

I was absolutely delighted to read that the new " Idiot’s guide to Outsourcing" has been published. Gene Marks the author maintains that 90% of all small businesses outsource something or the other from IT to payroll etc. The book helps understand outsourcing and why it might save significant costs for the outsourcer. Arrival ofContinue reading “Now “Idiot’s guide to outsourcing””

Top 100 list is coming

IAOP announced today that they are coming out with a top hundred list of providers across segments, industries and geography. As a new industry takes shape it will be nice to know how this list looks like. Also what about the smaller outsourcers and smaller providers? Maybe as the industry matures we will see moreContinue reading “Top 100 list is coming”

A Relationship Manual

Patrick Thibodeau writing in the Computer World talks about how IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals) is working on developing what I call a "relationship manual"  that will help in paving the way for seamless outsourcer-provider relationships.Cynthia Kearney of Johnson and Johnson who is involved in this development is emphasizing ‘disclosure, candor and metrics’ ;Continue reading “A Relationship Manual”

e-tailing and fulfillment

Melody Treece Vargas has just written the third piece on the Retail Industry in She writes that we can see a significant growth in outsourced fulfillment providers like UPS I wrote about earlier. As the holiday season starts off more and more consumers would find their packages being delivered by providers who work forContinue reading “e-tailing and fulfillment”

China and Taiwan

How interesting can globalization get? On one hand you have strong words from China about US getting into arms deals with Taiwan reported in the Boston Globe. Just hours before that Dominic Gates the Seattle Times Aerospace reporter wrote that Boeing is getting  Taikoo (Xiamen) Aircraft Engineering to modify some freighters while Evergreen Aviation TechnologiesContinue reading “China and Taiwan”

Govt. Outsourcer-Provider ‘s distributor

We just finished talking about supply chains in my Global Outsourcing class. One emerging idea was that opportunities might be available for the new age working with either a provider or outsourcer. In the Government Outsourcer and Provider interface Steve Charles has a great new idea. Steve suggests that Providers and Government Outsourcers might wantContinue reading “Govt. Outsourcer-Provider ‘s distributor”