My Outsourced Life- New Hollywood Movie

AJ Jacobs, Editor at Large of Esquire Magazine undertook a one month exercise of outsourcing his personal and professional tasks to two firms in Bangalore.  These tasks included buying movie tickets and fighting with his wife via outsourced email. Times of India reports that Jay Roach of "Meet the Fockers" fame will be directing aContinue reading “My Outsourced Life- New Hollywood Movie”

Customer Aggregation for rental car companies

Just returned from a wonderful trip to the South West including a great presentation at the Summer American Marketing Association at San Francisco. My presentation on ‘Managing Intellectual Property in Global Outsourcing of Services’ was well received. Several senior scholars felt that the topic was really exciting. Encouraging! Drove through scenic 101 through  Silicon Valley,Continue reading “Customer Aggregation for rental car companies”

HR Outsourcing and Transformation

A recent EquaTerra survey suggests that certain areas within HR are growing rapidly in the outsourcing domain. Apparently, tasks like payroll processing;benefits administration and HR-IT are the areas organizations find most useful to reports a Hewitt Associates study that 94% of organizations outsource at least one HR function. The Business Wire EquaTerra report alsoContinue reading “HR Outsourcing and Transformation”


"Innovation Generation in Buyer Seller Relationships" is my Ph.D. dissertation topic. Somehow, there is little talk in the media about the importance of B-to-B relationships which really have given rise to the popularity of B-toC relationships and CRM systems in the B-to-C domain. It was thus good to read about provider-outsourcer relationships from UK. Apparently, Continue reading “Relationships”

4th of July and satisfied customers

What a great day- great weather , hotdogs with mustard sauce and fireworks in the evening. We had called Calcutta (now Kolkata) and guess what – folks totally unconnected with outsourcing  knew all about the 4th of July holiday. Young folks working at Call Centers for  US companies were having a day off. Just toContinue reading “4th of July and satisfied customers”