4E’s and one P in GE

I got hold of Jack Welch's book "Straight from the Gut" at an unusual place. From a charity fundraiser shelf at the local Stop n' Shop. "One more book !" my wife objected so I moved some others to the basement and promptly congratulated myself displaying  2  of the 4 E's (Edge and Execution)! InteractingContinue reading “4E’s and one P in GE”


We were talking about supply chains in class yesterday and the fact that what has changed in the last five years is the ability of the of the supply chain members to share information via the Internet instantaneously. The topic of Skype, the free telephone service,  came up as a transformational force in telecom andContinue reading “Skype”

Connecting With Customers

I really look forward to meeting my students in the two classes I teach, one on New Product Development on Mondays and the other on Global Outsourcing tonight i.e. Thursdays. Most students work in the area and are really in this to upgrade their careers. They hold responsible positions and are willing to work  hardContinue reading “Connecting With Customers”

MBA Class Starts

Finally my much awaited MBA class (listed as an elective in Marketing and International Business) started yesterday in room H 203 at UNH. It’s a smart classroom with great technology. But what made the class greater were the students who signed up for it. Enthusiastic learners, the entire class have great job experience and mostContinue reading “MBA Class Starts”


I was looking at the Apple Computer packaging boxes and noticed that they state prominently "Designed in California, Made in China." Therein lies the question of re-skilling the American workforce. We need to move into more creative, more interdisciplinary, more human-technology kind of interdisciplinary areas. My MBA students are required to do a personal planContinue reading “Re-skilling”

My Outsourced Life- New Hollywood Movie

AJ Jacobs, Editor at Large of Esquire Magazine undertook a one month exercise of outsourcing his personal and professional tasks to two firms in Bangalore.  These tasks included buying movie tickets and fighting with his wife via outsourced email. Times of India reports that Jay Roach of "Meet the Fockers" fame will be directing aContinue reading “My Outsourced Life- New Hollywood Movie”

Customer Aggregation for rental car companies

Just returned from a wonderful trip to the South West including a great presentation at the Summer American Marketing Association at San Francisco. My presentation on ‘Managing Intellectual Property in Global Outsourcing of Services’ was well received. Several senior scholars felt that the topic was really exciting. Encouraging! Drove through scenic 101 through  Silicon Valley,Continue reading “Customer Aggregation for rental car companies”

New MBA Course

The  announcement for for the New MBA Elective on "Global outsourcing of knowledge based services, " is now out. A personal career action plan is something I had been thinking about adding to the course work and have now done so. The last week also had me busy preparing the presentation at the American MarketingContinue reading “New MBA Course”

HR Outsourcing and Transformation

A recent EquaTerra survey suggests that certain areas within HR are growing rapidly in the outsourcing domain. Apparently, tasks like payroll processing;benefits administration and HR-IT are the areas organizations find most useful to outsource.Blackenterprise.com reports a Hewitt Associates study that 94% of organizations outsource at least one HR function. The Business Wire EquaTerra report alsoContinue reading “HR Outsourcing and Transformation”

Sarbanes Oxley Compliance

After the Y2K rush on code writing  it appears that Sarbanes Oxley Compliance is the next big effort. Both articles and my industry friends tell me that this is an area where everyone is rushing in to make sure that they are compliant. The Worldcom CEO Ebbers photo does send a cautionary message. In theContinue reading “Sarbanes Oxley Compliance”

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