What Advertising Media should you use? Media by ELM Appeal

If you are an advertiser, then you need to consider how your customer is likely to process the advertising message that you want to give them. The Media by Appeal graphic with this post is a simple way of looking at what media is best for your message

B2B opportunities after COVID

States like New York have started to reopen after reaching low COVID infection rates. Here are some thoughts about opportunities for B2B marketer:

Why Reopening America in the Summer of 2020?

Today all US states have reopened partially after two months of lockdown. This has left many of our readers worldwide wondering why America is reopening when Coronavirus infections and deaths keep increasing ? Here are some thoughts on this question:

How work-life will change after coronavirus

With the experience of  coronavirus COVID 19 lockdowns work-life will change forever. . With 91% US kids at home parents are spending more time than ever with children. Some parents have jobs that allow digital work and these folks are so lucky. Then there are the  struggling 25 million unemployed in the travel, tourism, retail and any type of jobs that require a physical presence. At the other end of essential workers are the beleaguered medical worker, true heros, who show up every day to work. No less valiant are factory workers, grocery retail workers, law enforcement folks who are keeping essential services working. For everyone in each of these situations the pandemic has been trying as the USA tries to reopen. Going forward here is how work life will change:

Why its safe to put out most of your market research as web content

Businesses large and small seem scared of putting out their market research on their websites. Common concerns we have heard are: Our competitors will know how we think about the market Our market insights  are our “secret” – sauce- why share the recipe And the one we like best: Speech is silvery but silence isContinue reading “Why its safe to put out most of your market research as web content”

Why forward looking performance “previews” for business are better

Over the last week there were two speakers who influenced this post. The first was the famous goal setting expert  Gary P Latham who spoke at Yale University. And the second was Bob Bowman, (Michael Phelp’s coach) who was interviewed on NBC for his new book  “The Golden Rules.” It also turns out that ourContinue reading “Why forward looking performance “previews” for business are better”

Why build a brand?

All advertising should result in immediate sales is the underlying expectation. The expectation is unrealistic and we try to explain why building a brand is important with these examples.

Dentists beware: folks are ordering braces online

The news that many folks are actually ordering dental braces online is shocking for dentists and is an example of a service that you thought was “inseparable,” but is actually getting separated at the individual customer level. For sure not everyone will be ordering dental braces online and bypassing the dentist, but almost everyone willContinue reading “Dentists beware: folks are ordering braces online”

Why the ALS “#icebucketchallenge’ is a social media and fundraising success

The ALS  Association has reportedly received $1.35 million in donations between July 29 and August 11 compared to $ 22,000 during the same period last year with the ice bucket challenge. This is quite remarkable, but first some background. ALS is a neuro degenerative disease that causes progressive paralysis of the patient as family, friendsContinue reading “Why the ALS “#icebucketchallenge’ is a social media and fundraising success”

B2B suppliers tell you: Do you listen? Obamacare website and the BP oil spill

The B2B blame game between contractors and BP during the oil spill and the blame game between the IT contractors and the Federal HHS is eerily similar. B2B suppliers tell you- but do you listen? is the question to ask. The prepared remarks of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius for her testimony tomorrow (October 30) areContinue reading “B2B suppliers tell you: Do you listen? Obamacare website and the BP oil spill”

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