At 3.5 Million $ each: How many Super Bowl 2012 Ads will go viral?

At about 3.5 Million Dollars each the Super Bowl 2012 Ads do sound expensive. many advertisers have released their ads ahead on the web and here is a partial list of Super Bowl 2012 TV Ads. The question is how many of these will go viral?

With three days to go for the Super Bowl some of the Ads have already gone viral. Honda CRV has Mathew Broderick playing himself in the 80's classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off. The YouTube video has 8.7 million views since being posted by Honda on January 26 or in just 7 days. Since YouTube views are free and anybody who sees the ad sees it completely and in a pretty focused state of mind. The Jerry Seinfeld Acura Ad is doing even better at 8.1 million views within 3 days of being uploaded on YouTube. The Volkswagen Ad is also doing well with over 1 million views in two days.

Last year's Super Bowl audience was 111 Million and to think that the successful viral YouTube commercials will get over 10 million views even before the game starts is just amazing! That works out to less than $3 a YouTube view and since these clips are long ( more than 1minute) when you think of the 3.5 Million TV cost and that compares really well to search marketing keyword costs in say Google AdWords because in contrast to just clicking through  a Google AdWords  Ad   – the YouTube viewer is likely to  watch through the entire commercial.

So the question is that if you have a viral buzz creating TV  commercial how worth is your 3.5 Million $ spend on the  Super Bowl?  Really valuable because if the commercial is popular already, it's likely that folks that have wandered off to the kitchen during commercials , would be called back by friends to watch the hit hi-buzz commercials.

Most of the commercials on Sunday will not make it to the high buzz list and this blog guesses that a few commercials may not get uploaded to YouTube at all. But those that are available on-line will gather a decent viewership on-line following a kind of advertising decay effect. People will remember something about some ad and searches will reveal the on-line version of the commercial.

So if your company has a Super Bowl Ad – get it up on YouTube right away!  Contact StratoServe.

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