Toy recall , tire recall and the supply chain

Tell me frankly- if you have children are you worried about brain damage caused by lead paint from toys ? If you changed a tire recently, did you look for the "Made in" label – discreetly but anxiously.Globalization is really catching up with everyone and I feel bad for the supply chain managers at MattelContinue reading “Toy recall , tire recall and the supply chain”

Boeing 787 Dreamliner launched

On Sunday Boeing 787 – Dreamliner was launched amidst much fanfare by 15,000 primarily Boeing employees. Couple of things make the launch remarkable. First is 677 orders (at $200 million each)before being assembled ,excluding an order of 20 Qantas planes,placed over the weekend, as the Sydney Morning Herald,happily clarifies. Second, according to Reuters, 50% ofContinue reading “Boeing 787 Dreamliner launched”

Apple iPhone launches tomorrow and the supply chain is tops

The iPhone launches tomorrow (Friday 29th at 6 pm) and there are excited shoppers lining up in front of the Manhattan Apple store today i.e. as of Thursday morning. Amazing! The phone is not cheap and you need to sign up for a 2 year contract with AT&T which means a commitment of $2000.  TheContinue reading “Apple iPhone launches tomorrow and the supply chain is tops”

Barry Diller and the IAC

Fifteen years after Barry Diller had gone to see QVC the home shopping network, he was on CBS 60 minutes today. Within minutes of being on 60 minutes the Internet search engines were buzzing with searches for "Barry Diller" ! How much the media consumption experience has changed over the last 15 years ! AndContinue reading “Barry Diller and the IAC”

Google Street Map and privacy concerns

Google Street Maps has been received with mixed responses. On one hand folks are furious about privacy issues, while others  hold that this is not really a problem. I think the truth is probably, somewhere in the middle. Privacy as it existed before the Internet is literally non-existent today. For example, you’ll be amazed byContinue reading “Google Street Map and privacy concerns”

Supplier Relationship Management

I guess it was my particular managerial experience with high value packaging lines involving major installation, servicing and material supply that made it natural for me to look at SRM and CRM as pretty obvious things to do even in the "round"  world ( as opposed to the flat world ). Frankly, as any systemContinue reading “Supplier Relationship Management”

GTD and Knowledge Work

I found "Getting things done" (GTD) in the Time Magazine recently and have been studying and implementing it for the last two weeks. In fact, GTD has been keeping me away from this blog… David Allen explains GTD in his book and this has really taken off as a great methodology to improve personal productivity-withoutContinue reading “GTD and Knowledge Work”

Return from Vancouver and the tension between Web 2.0 and ERP

This is the 100th or centennial post of this blog and I thought I should write something hopefully in the "centennial" league! But first about my trip to Vancouver. The trip was great as was the in-depth exposure to SAP and the various Universities that have included SAP in the curriculum. On my way backContinue reading “Return from Vancouver and the tension between Web 2.0 and ERP”

Global networks of innovation – a reality in 2020 ?

I have been thinking of the biggest change that 2006 has brought as we review 2006 on the last day of the year. Actually I had been studying this trend since 2005  when I happened to see the CBS 60 minutes report on Echo Boomers. Having a teenage son helped as was the opportunity toContinue reading “Global networks of innovation – a reality in 2020 ?”

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