The Facebook Webshift: WikiLeaks and Shirely Sherrod

This is what we call the “Facebook  Webshift.” (This post from July 2010). Just look at Bradley Manning the alleged WikiLeaks person and he could be just any “invincible” college undergrad- anywhere in the world with an average of 300+ Facebook friends- many whom he has not actually met or dealt with. Everyone trusts everyoneContinue reading “The Facebook Webshift: WikiLeaks and Shirely Sherrod”

Google,Scholar and B2B “Mirror mirror on the wall”

According to Pew Research 57% people have Googled themselves. On the CNN website an informal poll puts the number  at over 80%. This is the Snow white  “mirror mirror on the wall” effect in the digital age ! I was surprised that young people actually monitor their online reputations more closely than older people. TheContinue reading “Google,Scholar and B2B “Mirror mirror on the wall””

Health Care and Patient Information Online

In all the health care debate – the question of  patient information sharing is not getting enough importance. Should it? Probably yes if you see how doctor's offices and hospitals struggle with trying to keep track of information. Just think how many times you repeat the answer to your allergy question!! On the provider  sideContinue reading “Health Care and Patient Information Online”

Trust,Privacy and Web Science

I recently asked a college freshman about which email account he uses with friends. Apparently most of the freshman’s friends use some chatting feature in Facebook and don’t normally send email but like using AOL chat occasionally. However  college students country wide are quite cut up that everyone (prospective employers included ) can now openContinue reading “Trust,Privacy and Web Science”

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