Outsourcing call centers – an ethics question?

I recently bought a Dell computer and during the buy process I needed to call and it was a US salesperson. In fact, the Dell website was very careful in guiding US customers in the early part of the buy process to US persons, or at least US numbers. You guessed it ! The personContinue reading “Outsourcing call centers – an ethics question?”

Crib Recall – New Product Development meets Supplier Involvement

Walk into any furniture store in the US and almost all products are made in China. You order anything and the boxes arrive with instructions and you do as best as you can. I , for example, have a desk with a hutch that I could not install very well and just did not wantContinue reading “Crib Recall – New Product Development meets Supplier Involvement”

NECON 2007 my Knowledge Based Services – Low Cost Country Sourcing talk

The NECON Conference is a great event and will be will be inaugurated   by Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley  with a whole lot of great speakers. NECON is a collaborative initiative of  the Boston and North Shore Chapter of APICS ,The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, the CSCMP New England Roundtable, the NEContinue reading “NECON 2007 my Knowledge Based Services – Low Cost Country Sourcing talk”

Toy recall , tire recall and the supply chain

Tell me frankly- if you have children are you worried about brain damage caused by lead paint from toys ? If you changed a tire recently, did you look for the "Made in" label – discreetly but anxiously.Globalization is really catching up with everyone and I feel bad for the supply chain managers at MattelContinue reading “Toy recall , tire recall and the supply chain”

Figuring out supplier-customer relationships

I enjoyed the article by Dr. John Gattorna in the Supply Chain Digest based on his book Living Supply Chains. John Gattorna obviously has years of experience and therefore is rightly incredulous as to why organizations both on the selling side and on the buying side, don't take care of their good suppliers and goodContinue reading “Figuring out supplier-customer relationships”

Supplier Relationship Management

I guess it was my particular managerial experience with high value packaging lines involving major installation, servicing and material supply that made it natural for me to look at SRM and CRM as pretty obvious things to do even in the "round"  world ( as opposed to the flat world ). Frankly, as any systemContinue reading “Supplier Relationship Management”

Valentines day and online trends

It was just yesterday that I started talking about "Relationship Marketing" to my B2B – Organizational Marketing class. Naturally, this is huge for business today.What with CRM on the front end and Supply Chain management software at the upstream of B2B relationships trying to keep things on track in the complex world of global B2B.Continue reading “Valentines day and online trends”

Alliances,mergers and supply chains

2007 has got off to a great start – the weather in the North East US is unseasonably warm and people are not complaining although there is underlying concern about "global" warming. It’s interesting that we have started looking at weather with a "global" perspective. Switching gears, I just finished a research paper on globalContinue reading “Alliances,mergers and supply chains”

A Relationship Manual

Patrick Thibodeau writing in the Computer World talks about how IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals) is working on developing what I call a "relationship manual"  that will help in paving the way for seamless outsourcer-provider relationships.Cynthia Kearney of Johnson and Johnson who is involved in this development is emphasizing ‘disclosure, candor and metrics’ ;Continue reading “A Relationship Manual”

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